Welcome to EDUBase 7

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What's New In EDUBase 7

Custom Grid Settings

Each user can set and save it's own grid-view/column settings on any page

Drop Down Filtration

Search and filter by select in gridview column by dropdown for mostly used filtering and searching

Blank Admission Form

Print a blank admission form for manual filling it out or for office record

Easy Batch Transfer

Batch transfer and year-end operations can be performed on Student Management View

Bulk Editing

Edit multiple fields on single view at once instead of editing student info one-by-one.

Documents Printing

Print all document from single interface like leaving certificate, character certificate, birth certificate, Roll No. Slip etc

User Logging

Log each and every user activity with date, time and user types

Row Expand

View detail while remain on same interface to save time of page loading by just expanding respective row.

Challan Discount/Bad debts

Generated challan/s can be written off against bad debt or discount, on single challan interface or bulk challan operations.

Date Sheet

Manage Date-Sheet creation, view and printing of roll no. slip on same interface.

Award List Tracking

Track which award list have to be returned after paper marking by teachers, and which have to be entered in software.

Award List Fast Entry

Search all the marks and students related to an exam by just entering Award-List ID.

Added Marks Editing

Edit and Delete whole exam by Award-List instead of single student entry.

No Marks Duplication

Marks Duplication is impossible against an exam by managing just Award-Lists for each exam.

Marks Entring Mistakes

In exam marks entries, all known mistakes handled geniously and user can manage exams without fearing of mistakes.

Examination Reports

Result Card, Combine examination report design is improved in a better way to understand student progress in exams

Result Card Easy Printing

Easy filtering and selection for any examination report by removing page loading on each filtering

Combine & Subject Report

You can get Combine Examination report by subject wise or by subjecct-date wise

Custom Reporting

Print Reports in your favourite layout by selecting different printing attributes

Award List Printing Options

Print Award list with optional columns to show in printing to secure your privacy